Washington Blade:
"Locally crafted by Arline Brex. Choose from 'Fabulous Femmes', four fantastic dames based upon TV’s “Mad Men”; more political  types can pick up 'The Obama Family' or 'Sarah Palin' and just go rogue cutting the half-governor  up and then dressing her down."

Washington City Paper:
“The creativity is awesome.”

The NBC 'Today Show' Staff:  
“Everyone here loves your paper dolls!”

Washington Post:
(of the Sarah Palin doll) “the hottest campaign item we have seen.”

“Crazy candidate products a booming business."
"Palin more of a paper doll than a potential leader.”

Wilmington News Journal:
“With a snip, snip here and a snip, snip there, you can spend minutes dressing and undressing the Republican Vice Presidential nominee.”

what they're saying...